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Optocore GmbH

Optocore GmbH
Optocore GmbH
  • Lohenstr. 8
  • 82166 Gräfelfing
  • Deutschland
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Herstellung: Audio Network Devices
Optocore, based in Munich, Germany, manufactures audio network systems. The global market leader in fibre optical networks for the last 20 years sets new standards with digital network technology in the field of audio communication. Optocore builds and develops synchronous optical fibre and copper networks for broadcast professionals, for fixed installations and live applications. The use of cutting edge technology and high-quality components guarantees durability and therefore long-term market placement. As an open platform, Optocore also offers other manufacturers the option to transfer conventional standard formats, used in the pro audio industry, via an Optocore network. Technical expertise and an extensive support structure are guaranteed to all customers, together with a high level of quality.



Sylvia Wagner


Telefon: 0898999640

Eduardo Fojaco


Telefon: 0898999640

Maciek Janiszewski

Support Engineer

Telefon: 0898999640