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  • Leuschnerdamm 13
  • 10999 BERLIN
  • Deutschland
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In Berlin PostFactory offers you a full-range service for high visual quality film and TV post production. That includes everything from dailies, data management to film copies.

Superior production and post-production tools in an agreeable, professional atmosphere on the 4th floor of the Engelbeckenhof in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We offer complete services for complex movie, television and event-productions - everything from pre-production, visual effects supervising, and data-management, to editing, compositing, 2D/3D animation, flame-VFX and finishing. In Film, Data, 2K, 4K Or in 3D-Stereo. Our DCI cinema is the only one with ?TrueLight Theatre Certification? ? ready for post and screening.

We are your specialists for processing and re-mastering all digital formats, from DV to DPX, from P2 to RED, from HD to 4K. Digital Intermediate: We organize the necessary collaborative workflow . From work group editing right through to finishing. In our DCI reference cinema the colorists work with BaseLight grading and truelight colour management for DCI master and film prints ? so that the results express your ideas perfectly.

Other services:
Avid and FinalCutPro HD in 14 linked HD online suites. Access to 12 VTRs in the MAZ pool. Digital Film restoration, retouching, subtitling, BluRay authoring, VFX consulting, screening, 3D animation, encoding, play-out. Universal Format Scanning in 2K-RAW format. Alchemist standards conversion, HD camera rental, quality checks.
HD Remastering from film to HDCAM SR, HDCAM, DigitalBetacam.
Sounddesign, ProTools recording and 7.1 SSL Axiom cinema mixing. Digital film mastering encrypted DCP with top data security. Top-quality film recording in 6K lin or log.